Kids Care Rehab Center Wanted Part-time Speech Language Pathologist & Therapist and Special Educator.

From various parents and patients as follows
Mrs. Shubashree G
My child who had an erb’s palsy underwent a surgery in March ‘09 & we have been visiting kids care since July 2009 for therapy post surgery. He has been undergoing electrical stimulation & physical activities since then. Both these have helped him increase his hand function .My experience here has been very valuable and the benefit till date has been appreciated by our surgeon also.
Mother of Aradhana Devi
My child has Erb’s Play. Initially our baby used to use her left hand more for almost all the activities. But after coming here, she tries to do all the activities with the right hand.
I am coming to kids care rehab center for my son to attend problem in his leg (taliped foot). He is getting physiotherapy from Mrs.Radha . My son is benefited and getting better because of personal care and attention.
Mrs. R.kalyani
My mother-in law had back pain.After treatment my mother-in-law feels better & there is improvement in her. She is able to do her work easily.
Tmt. E.Pooguzhali
When I am given with systematic treatment for severe arthritits problem and exercises, I feel much relived. Appreciably, the approaching ways and treatment methodologies adopted by Mrs.Radha helped me a lot to come out of the stress and strain in myself.
Father of Chinmayee from Hyderabad
She underwent surgery for spina bifida. After surgery she had right lower limb weakness. We came one year back for physiotherapy exercises. From that time onwards we saw a lot of improvement.