Success Stories


Kids Care Rehab Center Wanted Part-time Speech Language Pathologist & Therapist and Special Educator.

The below feedback from parents has been very encouraging and made us proceed towards success path.
A 1 yr & 9mth old boy came with left side erb’s palsy which was treated surgically. Post surgery the position of his left upper limb was shoulder-abducted, elbow flexed, pronated forearm & extended wrist. Therapy in the last 18 months has made him acquire extension of elbow & partial supination with functional assisted wrist movements. Now we are concentrating on his shoulder movement & supination with help of electrical stimulation, play therapy, active & passive stretches.
A 16 yr old girl came with complaint of toe walking. After assessing that she was found to have balance and co-ordination problem with scissoring gait & sensory disruption. Now she is performing all ADL activities without deformities and contractures still continue physiotherapy further improvement.
A boy came with a complaint of toe walking (CTEV). He was walking with forefoot adduction, inversion of mid foot & plantar flexion of ankle. Now the deformity has been reduced by using physical therapy involving passive stretching, active stretching, resistance exercises, theraband, play activities for toes and foot.
A 2 yr child came up with a different complaint. The child was unable to perform sitting, standing movements and had delayed milestones. All her diagnostic criteria were normal. After 2 months of therapy he is now able to sit and stand without support. Therapies given were crawling, bolster sit to stand, squatting and kneeling with play therapy.
A boy from Bangalore, parents complaining of lack of attention, not listening to us, not staying in one place etc., walked to our center. After assessing he was found to be an autistic child.
We trained him on sensory integration techniques, brain gym activities & other play way activities. This has helped him 1) increase concentration 2) Better hand eye coordination and this was found after a review of around 6months. Parents are finding it useful & are continuing to do the same.
A 4 month baby from kerela was brought here by their parents with left side torticollis. We treated the baby with neck movements & with lots of play way therapy involving neck movements, passive stretching, and tummy activities, encouraged the baby to hold the neck & head straight. This has helped the child positively and now there is progress seen.